Getting Started

Guidelines how to set up your own store and add products, quick and easy.


There are two delivery options available: Note that the customer is the one picking the delivery type while checking out the order. So, make sure you pay attention and explain your Shipping and delivery terms well. Set your shipping policy on the Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping. 

Publish your store and products

Adding products to your shop they will automatically be set to draft status. The product statuses turn to “Draft” automatically when your subscription expires. To publish products, you need to change the status to “Online” & “Visible” under the product settings: The second and faster alternative to publish your products in bulk is selecting Bulk…

Prepare products in your store

1. On Vendor Dashboard go to the “Products” section to insert the goods you want to start selling. Click “Add new Product”  to insert the data. You can publish as many products as you have the slots available in your subscription package.  2. Pay attention to product category – this is important because your product will be displayed particularly…