Order Fulfillment

How to arrange deliveries and complete the orders.

Order Fulfillment & Delivery

You are getting an email about the order placed and you will see the order under the orders section on Vendor Dashboard. To give feedback about order processing and expected delivery time, open the order details and click “Create New Shipment” to start the delivery arrangement. You don’t need to wait till physically shipping the package…

Seal the deal

The customer has the option to contact you under the product details view before placing the order. You will see the questions sent by customers under the Support section: Open the question and reply and expect more questions in the same trail. Make sure to follow up till you have closed the deal. Once the…


There are two delivery options available: Note that the customer is the one picking the delivery type while checking out the order. So, make sure you pay attention and explain your Shipping and delivery terms well. Set your shipping policy on the Vendor Dashboard > Settings > Shipping.