Publish your store and products

Adding products to your shop they will automatically be set to draft status. The product statuses turn to “Draft” automatically when your subscription expires.

To publish products, you need to change the status to “Online” & “Visible” under the product settings:

The second and faster alternative to publish your products in bulk is selecting Bulk Actions on the Products List. To use this option, first, select the products that you want to edit, then choose Edit from the bulk action dropdown field and hit Apply. The appropriate fields will open to make bulk changes.

Once you have set up your products and made them public you are ready to start advertising your store and products on public channels like social media or make an online campaign. The fastest way to do that is just by clicking the “Share” button directly on your store page to share it with your friends and communities. 

Use Shopnest advertising options to be visible on Shopnest Mall and get even more deals directly on the marketplace. 

To advertise your product on Shopnest Mall, go to the Products list on the Vendor Dashboard. You will see the megaphone icon after the product name. So, you just click on the one you want to advertise. 

Alternatively, you can activate the advertisement under the Product Details section at the bottom of the page in the section Advertise this Product. 

After confirming your choice your product will be presented in different places on the platform in Featured products lists. Learn more about advertising and product promotion options here.

Shortly saying – your products are listed on different featured lists according to the Product ratings and Seller ratings.

September 13, 2023
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