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What is the Buyer Protection concept all about?

It is an agreement between the seller and Shopnest that Shopnest will deposit the money collected for the purchase on certain days (usually 3 days) until the buyer has confirmed that she received the order. If there are any complaints, Shopnest steps in to solve the misunderstanding between parties, and if this is the case,…

How could I get more sales?

You have several options to stay in the front line: At first sight, you need to build up your trustworthiness. For this reason, always make sure you communicate with your customers and fulfill your orders as promised. Since this is a bit time-consuming, the very first step could be building up your formal reliability by…

What are the platform and your services all about?

Shopnest provides an online shopping platform that connects buyers and sellers. We don’t own any goods sold on this platform and are not the ones selling them. We help sellers find buyers and buyers find the right products but sales agreements are made between buyers and sellers directly. However, we are dedicated to supporting both…

What is Shopnest Mall?

Shopnest online store consists of and accommodates single vendor shops only that are managed and run by vendors as shop owners. However, for making a variety of products available for larger customer segments, all products are displayed at Shopnest online marketplace too.

Where do your goods come from?

Products sold on the platform don’t belong to us and so, we don’t have any inventory for keeping or storing the goods. We are connecting sellers and buyers and providing the tools to help and promote sealing the deals. Sales agreement and goods handover agreement is made between sellers and buyers.

What are the commissions and fees from the sales made on your platform?

We are not asking for any commission or fee from your sales. Shopnest platform is free to everyone for selling a limited number of products. Check out our subscriptions here. However, if you are doing it for a living, you might want to subscribe to premium services to effectively run your business and boost your sales.

What payment options are available for paying for the order?

First of all, we strongly recommend all our customers to use our platform for closing deals. We are partnering with payment service provider Paystack which is taking care of our high-standard security measures as well. However, parties are still free to make any separate payment agreements by themselves. If this is the case then the…

How and what are the timelines for withdrawals?

We proceed with your request asap but not later than 3 working days. Kindly note that we only accept bank transfers.

How the order delivery is arranged?

Every vendor is arranging her delivery. We are providing tools and linking up with third-party service providers and we track the order fulfillment. On the platform, you find the following options: 1.  Delivery is arranged by our partner Kwik Delivery. The delivery rates and the terms are shown on the checkout page. If the customer…

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