How could I get more sales?

You have several options to stay in the front line:

  1. At first sight, you need to build up your trustworthiness. For this reason, always make sure you communicate with your customers and fulfill your orders as promised. Since this is a bit time-consuming, the very first step could be building up your formal reliability by just verifying your identity on the platform. In Shopnest we want to ensure our buyers get the best and the most secure deals, we therefore actively promote the Sellers who have verified themselves. So, verifying your identity should be definitely the first step you take to increase your sales because it gives a better position to your store and to your products in the Shopnest Mall lists.
  2. Check out our advertising options on the Shopnest platform.
  3. List your products in the Featured products and Special offers list and advertise regularly with banners.
  4. Share your shop individually on social media.
  5. Stay tuned and join our newsletter where we share our latest updates and useful tips for getting the most out of the platform.