How does the order fulfillment take place?

During the order checkout, you find delivery options available considering your shipping address. Make sure you have inserted the right shipping address.

From the given options, pick the method that you like. Generally, there are three options available:

  • Delivery is provided by our partner Kwik  – our partner gives the price and you will see it on the checkout page.
  • The vendor arranges the delivery; the fee is calculated on the distance basis set by the vendor.
  • You are also free to choose your own arrangement.  In that case, select the “Separate agreement with the seller” and, the delivery is not included on the invoice. Obviously, we cannot assist you with the delivery process or the warranties.

Always pay attention to vendor Shipping terms under the product description.

Under both delivery options, the vendor is expected to update the shipment details on your order details, so you should follow up on your orders list.

For the deliveries arranged by our partners, we track order fulfillment and collect feedback about the service quality to help you choose your sales and experience the best. So, make sure you give your ratings both to the products and services.