Advertise your products

Regular advertisements: Advertised products are listed in the Featured Products list for 5 days.

The regular advertising option is included in the paid packages and also sold separately as extras.  To advertise the product using this feature there are two options:

  1. directly from the products list or
  2. from a single product details page

For ordering from the product list go to the products on the vendor dashboard and click on the megaphone icon.

For ordering from the single product page, open the product details first and scroll down to the bottom where you will see the same megaphone icon. Tick the box under the icon and follow the instructions.

In case you have exhausted all the slots available in your membership subscription you can still advertise your product in the featured products list by purchasing extra slots. Price per slot is  ₦4,000 Only.

Banner advertisements: The product banners are published in the chosen locations for 5 days. Prices vary depending on the banner locations. For detailed quotation please send your inquiry here.

Note that you need to provide us with your own banners and design. If you don’t have any we can help you by linking you with one of our designers.

September 13, 2023
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