Fulfillment & Delivery

How the order delivery is arranged?

Every vendor is arranging her delivery. We are providing tools and linking up with third-party service providers and we track the order fulfillment. On the platform, you find the following options: 1.  Delivery is arranged by our partner Kwik Delivery. The delivery rates and the terms are shown on the checkout page. If the customer…

How does the order fulfillment take place?

During the order checkout, you find delivery options available considering your shipping address. Make sure you have inserted the right shipping address. From the given options, pick the method that you like. Generally, there are three options available: Delivery is provided by our partner Kwik  – our partner gives the price and you will see…

Do you provide delivery and what are the shipping rates?

We are not offering the delivery service ourselves. Every vendor is arranging her delivery according to the selection made by the customer upon checking out. We are providing tools and linking you with delivery service providers. Find more about delivery arrangements under the order fulfillment section.

What if goods delivered do not meet my expectations?

You can cancel or return your order if the seller has stated on her shop that she accepts returns. Other than that, it can only happen upon special agreement with the seller. Therefore, before placing any order make sure you go through all the details under the Product description, Shipping, Warranty, etc